Expect Stable Version of iOS 7 to Release This Fall

At the WWDC Keynote we witnessed the launch of iOS 7 operating system which Apple claims as “the world’s most advanced mobile operating system.” After the announcement, many features of iOS 7 were demoed on stage. Then the most important question, that we all had in mind, was disclosed in a couple of seconds.

New iOS 7 Stable Version on iPhone 5

The “most important” question, for Apple fans and owners, is to find out the release date of iOS 7. But, as usual, Apple didn’t reveal the exact date. Instead, the company announced that the developers will be able to download the latest iOS 7 files from Apple’s server. On the same day, of course.

If you are a developer, visit the download page to get iOS 7 files right now!

Rest of the users, the non-developers, have to wait for a long time to get the new iOS 7 on our iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches.

How long should you wait?

Scroll right to the bottom of Apple’s iOS 7 page and you will notice this line: “iOS 7. Coming this fall.” This is a long wait because the fall season, in the US, starts in September. So, Apple owners must wait for another 4 months.

Last year when Apple announced iOS 6 in the WWDC event, stable version of the operating system was released just within 3 months. However, iOS 5 was up for grabs after 4 months.

Like you, I cannot wait to get my hands on iOS 5. But we must wait — and it’s definitely worth it as you will get a “stable” version running on your devices.

Note: iOS 7 will be available only for the following devices: iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2 and later, iPad mini, and fifth-gen iPod Touch.

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